I have been a little lackadaisical in my attempts to write this blog, and I meant to write an update at the end of the year but forgot. With Team Lucid Dream taking off I’ve been more focused on making videos and restarting my own channel. I had a brief period on YouTube a couple of years ago but got too insecure and self conscious and took my videos down but now I’m more comfortable in how I present myself I’ve took to making videos with a new found enthusiasm. In terms of artwork I’m trying to get a book together and hopefully will be looking into publishing about April time. I will probably look to kickstarter to get it funded but I’ll have to think more about that when the time is nearer.

I was thinking of eventually doing a patreon for my YouTube channel when it picks up a bit but I’m in two minds about that. I understand people probably have loads of YouTubers they wish to support and don’t have the money to spare. And I am probably getting far too ahead of myself in assuming people would want to part with their cash for me.

I will provide links to my channel and TLD and any other places where I am more active.




Happy Manniversary / Tranniversary

Yesterday┬áI was 3 years on T (and 2 years post op). Although I wish some things would have happened by now ( A beard and less feminine hips and thighs) I’m really glad of how far I have come. Also when I look at old photos of myself I feel like I was actually a really pretty girl. I used to think I was ugly and unattractive but because I can now distance myself from the person I was back then I do see a really attractive young girl. Perhaps the hang ups I have about my body now will appear like nothing in the future because I won’t be so close to that person as I am now (if that makes sense).